Knowledge Services

Germanium Technologies

Knowledge Management For
Better Customer Service


Knowledge Base

Keep information needed to answer customers queries in a searchable Knowledge base.

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Live updates

Give your team access to most recent information all the time.

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Work flows

Guide your team step by step throgh complex customer Interactions.

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Analy tics

Track how your processes are working Identify gaps in your Knowledge and update the system quickly.

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Customer focused services

Germanium Technologies Limitedcapabilities are customized to cater to unique Industry requirements, different customer bases, process mandates, and resource needs.

These services are designed as open-ended solutions to allow business, geography and client specific incorporations that will enhance performance and efficiency levels, while meeting all service and legal requirements.

Flexible Solutions

Strong & flexible Solutions

Our service solutions inculcate learnings amassed from all our client relationships, further strengthened by our adoption of ISO practices, which have been transcribed our best across service segments into the following service offerings: